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A lawyer should be available to help an adult injured by a dog. This page contains the following:

  • Common issues addressed
  • Why dog bite victims are not “dog bit prosecutors”
  • There are many benefits to legal assistance that is free

Dog Bite Claims Should Be Handled By A Lawyer For Various Reasons

The percentage of dog bite victims who receive compensation is less than 1%. Only 15,000-16,000 victims of dog bites are covered by insurance each year. Victims are unlikely to receive justice if they don’t have a lawyer.

An insurance adjuster who is a victim of a crime will offer 10% to 20 percent more if they have an attorney. Insurance will receive between 80-90%. Attorneys are paid on contingency. Victims with attorneys will receive 66%. This amount is far more than what he could get himself.

The victim must recover any money before the attorney can be paid. If there is no recovery, the victim owes nothing. He won’t repay or pay for the attorney.

Prosecutors prosecute dog bite lawsuits. That’s unnecessary. This is compounded by the victim’s inability quickly to settle the suit. Victims frequently bring false charges. To handle this legal matter, hiring a Colorado Dog Bite Attorney is quicker, less stressful, safer, and much more risk-free than hiring someone else.

A lawyer for an injured person doesn’t contact pet owners, make them feel guilty or present them in a poor way, harass them, send threatening letters, embarrassment, foreclose their homes, bankrupt them or euthanize them.

Dog owners will discover that their insurer did all of the work and paid all money after the claim was settled. They’ll feel calm. They’ll acknowledge that the injured person had hired an attorney to negotiate a fair settlement.

Suing Is Different From Hiring A Lawyer. A Smart Lawyer Can Convince An Insurance Company To Settle A Claim Without Going To Court

98% percent of bodily injury cases are settled out-of-court. The claim could be expedited by hiring an attorney.

An attorney should evaluate a victim’s claim. Damages are not paid with any compensation. The injured person cannot be given accurate information regarding the amount of compensation he’s entitled.

Accidents can cause job losses. Employers must establish lost revenues. It must include employment reviews, fringe benefits, and causality. A lawyer should collect it.

Social and psychological research suggests that disfigured victims could have a significant claim for future earnings. It can be difficult to prove the earning capability of accident victims. This could be their largest loss. They need an expert lawyer.

A lawyer will pay for certified, reliable medical proof and bills, a photographer, to take photos of the victim, as well as a private investigator to discover more about the attacking dogs, and a nurse consultant to assess the medical information and summarise it. These expenses will not be reimbursed unless the claim is paid. People who have been injured shouldn’t take out their own funds if they are already absent from work.

Third parties can sue the victim if the victim is covered by public insurance. All third parties of the victim can file claims with their insurance company immediately. The agreement is between third parties and the lawyer representing accident victims. Numerous laws also ban government agencies and insurance companies from collecting from hurt people.

The insurance company estimates victim compensation when they hire an early lawyer. A lawyer can provide evidence and assistance to the insurance adjuster. Victims may not know what to submit. The claim can be settled more easily if the victim is given an immediate exam.