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PVC patches could be described as a modern take on the traditional embroidered Patch. PVC can be made of durable plastic and comes in an endless number of colors. This can give your custom-designed designs a look that embroidery simply can’t match.

What Is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride?) Exactly?

PVC is also known as Polyvinylchloride. It is one of the oldest materials ever invented by man. There are many uses for it in the market. PVC was discovered in 1835 by Henri Victor Renault in France, a French chemical chemist. This plastic has a rubbery feeling and is known to be strong. His plastic is much softer than other plastics so it is often used as a substitute for rubber.

What’s Special About PVC Patches?

PVC patches are waterproof like embroidery so they won’t fade or crack. These patches are perfect for military morale patches or outdoor use. PVC adds depth and dimension to your designs. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Many options are available to cover PVC patches. Velcro backing has been the most widely used.

You can use a wide range of colors. So your creativity will be what makes your design stand out. You can find the patch in every size, from a half-inch logo to a 15′ patch. PVC is an option that many people prefer for patches with a unique, rugged appearance.

What Are The Advantages Of PVC Patches?

If you’re looking for a stylish, but rugged look, PVC can be used. PVC patches can withstand rain, snow, and other elements. PVC patches can also be fashionable. PVC patches come in many styles and colors. They are strong, flexible, add glow effect and washable easily.

PVC patches are a great alternative to embroidered ones. PVC patches come in many colors, making it easy to create your custom design. They can be used outdoors because they resist fading, fraying, and cracking and are therefore resistant to damage. PVC patches are light and durable, so they can also be used outdoors.

PVC patches are used frequently on military gear, airsoft, and many other items due to their versatility. PVC patches are the ideal accessory for every occasion. We guarantee that they will make you happy.

These are the top reasons to buy PVC patches:

  • Long-term Results
  • Fashionable
  • It is simple to clean.
  • You can adapt to any environment
  • Light and airy
  • It’s flexible

Do PVC Patches Last Longer?

PVC patches come in a special type of plastic that is more durable. They don’t break, crack, peel or fade. High-quality PVC patches can withstand extreme temperatures and climates. PVC patches will last for years, and they will still keep their original color and shape.

They are easy to maintain so you won’t have to worry about your PVC patches getting damaged. They are an excellent alternative to our patch selection and we highly recommend using them outdoors.

How Are PVC Patches Made?

Polyvinylchloride, also known to be PVC patches, is another name for the material. These patches are made of tough and flexible material, with a rubbery feel. PVC patches are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, or colors. They can withstand heat and cold. PVC patches are durable and can be stored for many years without deterioration.

What You Should Expect When Purchasing A Custom-Made PVC-Patch

These patches can be very costly so make sure you are aware of these important facts. The price of PVC patches can be higher than custom embroidered ones. This is due to the use of custom molds in the development process. Most orders require a lower minimum order.

Larger patches are better for detailed designs. PVC patches that only have a few lines of information can be difficult to read. PVC patches can be used for designs that contain very little data. PVC patches can be stunning. They can withstand all temperatures and won’t deteriorate. PVC patches can make any design look 3D. PVC logos can make colors pop and bring your design to life.