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To improve your SEO ranking, backlisting is important so that people find your site first in search engines for related topics.

Backlinks can be created when a website links to your site. If done correctly and both sites are legitimate, this is a good idea. There are many types of backlinks.

To find out the status of your website’s backlinks, and to determine if they are there, we recommend you to choose Linkascope.

Let’s look at all the backlinks available to find out what you are getting into.

Nofollow Backlinks Vs. Dofollow

The first is between NoFollow’s backlinks and DoFollow’s.


NoFollow can be a tag that backlinks can use to tell Google or other search engines not to follow the link. These tags do not transfer any value between websites and are largely ineffective as they do little to improve search engine rankings.


DoFollow backlinks are the best. DoFollow backlinks signify that Google has seen some value shared between the two websites.

There are many quality levels. DoFollow backlinks of the highest quality are those between trusted websites that are considered authorities on a particular topic. DoFollow backlinks of high quality are the best way to improve your SEO.

High-Quality Vs. Toxic Backlinks

Next, we need to distinguish between toxic and high-quality backlinks.


Google considers high-quality backlinks legitimate and respects them. These high-quality backlinks contribute to a higher website rank in search results.

A backlink must be high quality and meet many criteria. A high-quality backlink comes from an authoritative source and provides some information. It should not be inserted in a post to manipulate SEO rankings.

To be considered a high-quality backlink, both websites must be geographically related. Both websites should be trusted and legitimate. They must have the potential for generating referral traffic.


On the contrary, toxic backlinks are harmful and can negatively impact your search engine results. There are many reasons why a backlink could be toxic.

  • If it is from a site specifically created for linking to other websites.
  • It is not a trusted website.
  • If it comes directly from a website that has not been indexed on Google.
  • If the backlink is present on all pages or a majority of pages on a website.
  • If there are many identical match anchor texts.

Different Types Of Backlinks That Benefit SEO The Most

We also want to discuss what the best backlinks types are and how they can help your SEO ranking.

Editorial Backlinks

An editorial backlink, which has been used to link back to your site to provide information, authority, or citation, is perhaps the most valuable type of backlink.

Guest Blog Backlinks

Adding an editorial backlink from a guest post you wrote for another website can be very helpful, which links back to your site.

Business Backlinks

It can be very beneficial for SEO if you create profiles for your website or business on social media or other related websites, as well as a backlink to the site.

For SEO purposes, webinar backlinks to and fro specific webinars can also be useful.

Backlinks To Tool

Strong backlinks can be generated if you provide a tool people use, at least for free.

Last Thoughts

You now have a better understanding of the backlinks and can use this knowledge to improve your site so that it earns as many DoFollow high-quality backlinks. SEO is everything.