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You want good airflow no matter what kind of cooling system you use, but it’s especially important with evaporative coolers (also called swamp coolers). If your evaporative cooler doesn’t get enough air, it won’t work as well as it should. To get your business to a comfortable temperature, the unit will have to work harder and longer, costing you money.

Read on if you own an evaporative cooler. Here are five tips for keeping your business cool with air coolers:

• Check the water level and the pads. An evaporative cooler cools the air by letting the water evaporate. For your cooler to work, it needs to have enough water in the tank. When the water tank is full, the pads are also wet enough to be useful. Without a tank full of water and wet pads, the system just blows hot air into your business space.

• Let the cooler run before you use it. To give your employees and customers the coolest air possible inside your building, let the cooler run for a while before you turn on the blower. Think of your evaporative cooler like a car engine. If you let the engine warm-up, the car will run better than if you drove off as soon as you turned the key. By waiting about 15 minutes before turning on the blower, the system has time to let the water circulate and the pump gets started.

• Let the pump run. If you’re using an evaporative cooler to keep your business cool, you need to let the pump run for 5 to 10 minutes before you turn the cooler on all the way. This step lets the pads soak up all of the water. Now, the unit will be able to send the coolest air throughout your building. This makes air flow faster and more efficient.

• Open the windows. Evaporative coolers work differently than air conditioning systems that are built into the house. This kind of system needs to be able to pull air into the room or building for it to work. Even though you don’t have to open a window all the way, opening it a few inches lets you cross-ventilate and control the flow of air.

• Clean the cooler often. You know you have to fill or change the water in the tank and replace the pads when they wear out, but don’t forget to clean the system often. Evaporative coolers can collect a dangerously high amount of dirt, dust, air pollutants, and other unhealthy particles, just like any other cooling system. When there is too much buildup, the motor has to work harder, and sometimes it will stop working at all. Set up a regular cleaning schedule for the cooler and stick to it to reduce the chance of a system failure.

If you take care of your cooler and use it right, it should always work when you need it to. If you want to know more about air evaporative coolers for homes, businesses, or factories don’t hesitate to contact the experts.