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Tortoiseshell glasses have been a very popular frame pattern for decades. They are elegant and ageless. Their unusual pattern resembles the appearance of a tortoise’s shell, with mottled brown, yellow, and amber spots.

We will tell you all you need to be aware of these timeless frames in this article. Banton Frameworks can offer these tortoiseshell glasses that come straight out of the hands of those who made them in Glasgow. Banton Frameworks uses the best materials and processes, which they have learned to love during the last 7 years.

A pair of these tortoiseshell spectacles would undoubtedly be a true classic-looking frame. The organic speckled pattern has been churning up a certain sense of class and grandeur in the eyewear industry for as long as our grandfather can remember, whether it is on thick enormous acetates or like temple tip trim on slighter wireframes.

So, how did the modest amniotes shell get linked to glasses? And whether does it really have any connection with tortoises in the real world?

Animal lovers will really be appalled to learn that the original version of tortoiseshell came from genuine tortoises’ shells. Tortoiseshell’s popularity is said to have begun during the times of ancient Greeks, who recognised the beauty of the patterns seen on their shells and began to appreciate them as decorative objects.

According to legend, the material was first employed to build the bodies of these stringed instruments like the lyre because it not only improved the sound of the strings, but also it made them appear lovely, infusing the instrument and its user with the great status that would have come with owning one.

Rich Romans believed that a tortoiseshell veneer will truly lend a classic touch to their sofas, day beds, and dining couches that they could show off during their all feast days, whenever they opened their residences to neighbours and guests, some claim a few centuries later.

Tortoiseshell glasses initially appeared in the 1920s when they were constructed from genuine shells of tortoises. While this is an unfortunate fact, the use of actual tortoise shells was mercifully prohibited in 1973. This traditional look, however, did not end there.

It was able to achieve that unique, speckled aesthetic without injuring tortoises because of advancements in the plastic industry. Acetate, a type of exceptionally durable plastic, is now the most frequent material used to make tortoise shell frames.

Are tortoiseshell glasses in style?

Tortoiseshell spectacles have never gone out of style, and with good reason. All their warm tones complement several ranges of clothes and personal styles.

Tortoiseshell eyewear is frequently seen on celebrities like Jennifer Aniston (who is known for her parts in Friends, Bruce the Break-Up, Almighty, Marley and Me, and many others) and also Ann Hathaway (who is known for her appearances in The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, and many others).

Bloggers have adopted the appearance as well. Consider buying a pair of tortoiseshell computer glasses if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer or using some other digital gadgets.

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