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Is it your goal to increase the number of couples, honeymooners, and newlyweds who visit your hotel? Create a romantic atmosphere, provide truly attentive service, and go the extra mile with personalized experiences and thoughtful decor to truly impress your guests and win their hearts.

Here are our top tips for attracting more couples to your hotel, based on this information.

Romantic Dining experiences

A romantic getaway is frequently centered on a special meal shared with someone special. Do you want to make a reservation at your hotel’s restaurant the most appealing option in the city? Organize a candlelit dinner beside your pool for couples, dress up a table in a hidden corner of your restaurant for them, or provide them with a private dining experience on their bedroom balconies.

Decorate their table with flowers, candles, or lanterns to help them feel even more in love with each other. Just remember to keep things simple — too much ornamentation can detract from the romantic atmosphere. To accommodate parents traveling with children, consider offering them complimentary babysitting for the evening so that they can enjoy a quiet dinner together.

It’s important to think outside the box when it comes to special occasions like Valentine’s Day. You could host a wine-tasting dinner, theme your evening around a famous love song, or even screen a romantic movie in your restaurant on a giant projector. The possibilities are endless.

Itineraries that are tailored to your needs

While some couples may be content to stay in bed all morning, others will be eager to get out and explore their new surroundings. So, for those couples who are looking for adventure, provide them with a plethora of suggestions to ensure that they get the most out of their romantic getaway.

Dance classes, theatre shows, or intimate cocktail bars are just a few of the unique date night experiences and venues you can recommend in your destination. Instruct them on the most romantic places to take a romantic stroll and the most swoon-worthy spots to watch the sunset in your area. Create a picnic hamper for them that include a cozy blanket, gourmet snacks, and a bottle of wine to make their day trip even more enjoyable.

You might also consider hosting private tours for two people, which would include a visit to some of the most popular attractions in your destination.

Encourage couples-only time with you by offering them indulgent packages that will make them feel special and welcome at your establishment.

Consider including experiences that take place on the property as well. Packages that include personalized cooking classes with your head chef or a cocktail-making session for two with your bartender are ideal. Better yet, survey your guests to find out what kinds of experiences they’d like to see that are only available to couples.

Special requests and services are available.

Attending to special requests is, perhaps more than anything else, a surefire way to entice couples to your establishment. This is especially true when it comes to guests who want to impress their significant other.

For example, if a guest informs you that they intend to propose to you during their stay with you, you can assist them in creating the ideal atmosphere. For example, offer to provide a chauffeured car to transport them to and from the location where they intend to pop the question. And have Champagne chilled on ice ready for them when they arrive.

Offering a variety of proposal packages, the hotel1926 provides options such as a beachclubs in Malta.

Experiential opportunities in the room

This piece of advice is especially useful for newlyweds. Typically, after a whirlwind wedding ceremony, most couples will want to check into their hotel room as soon as possible and enjoy some quiet time. Consider spending some time preparing the perfect in-room ambiance to assist them in unwinding and maintaining the romantic mood.

The use of dimmed lights, scented candles, Belgian chocolate beside the bed, and petals scattered on the pillow are all possibilities for special arrangements. Provide a selection of romantic movies and music, stock the bathroom with perfumes and luxury vanity packs, or provide a complimentary in-room massage at a time of their choosing to go the extra mile.

Keep in mind that some guests will be looking for a more low-key romantic getaway, so make an effort to learn about their personal preferences if at all feasible. To give an example, you could provide a personalized in-room movie experience, complete with a favorite movie, a selection of snacks, gourmet popcorn, and a glass of sparkling wine or a specially crafted cocktail.

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