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Although roller shutters may be installed to insulate homes by some, they are usually a safe and secure measure of protection that is rarely broken into. Roller shutters make a lot more noise than normal when they are opened and closed, so thieves and burglars will be discouraged.

Are Roller Shutters Secure Security Systems?

Yes, that’s the simple answer. Roller shutters are almost impossible to open by hand because they can’t be opened with a key or drill.

They are considered safe because the sound of the shutter opening and closing will make thieves reconsider trying to gain entry. It is extremely difficult to force them open.

It is impossible to get into a roller shutter directly and cut through the metal. You can only get in by prying open one of the panels, but it would be noisy and time-consuming.

Although there are blindspots that might allow someone to cut through a shutter, even then any noise will raise suspicion immediately and they may not be able to open your shutters.

Roller shutters are a common way burglars don’t break into homes. They take a while to open, so they are vulnerable to security guards, CCTV, and neighbors who wander past.

They can also pry open or cut through a roller, making a lot more noise and alerting the owner.

Burglars can also break into homes in darkness using tools, but it is difficult to hear them making noises when they aren’t able to see.

Although there are some exceptions, very few burglars can pick locks. They also don’t have the time and resources to do so. Getting into your home by finding the key to unlock it is considered too dangerous.

Roller shutters can be broken most often through the garage door opening mechanism. This is because they are likely to use the garage door to enter your home.

Another way burglars could get in is to force their way through a nearby fence, wall, gate, etc. This allows them to bypass the door and leaves no evidence. It’s another reason to be vigilant!

Can you cut through a Roller Shutter?

A criminal might try to cut through the shutter’s material to gain entry to a roller shutter. This is a very difficult way to break into a roller shutter and is rarely attempted by burglars, thieves, or criminals.

This can be avoided by making sure that the roller shutters you purchase are made of the right material and easy access to servicing and roller shutter repairs. It will make it extremely difficult, if possible, to cut through.

Roller shutters, whether they’re kicked in or hacked using an ax, are the most burglar-proof type of exterior door protection that you can get.

Are roller shutters harder to get into than other shutters?

Most criminals will quickly give up when they see a rolling shutter, as they know how difficult it is to get into a home. The criminal should plan every detail of the operation. They need to know how they will get in, what tools they will need, and how they can hide.

For some criminals, this might be too difficult so they choose to break into a simpler home.

Additional helpful hints

Here are some precautions that you can take to reduce your chance of being burgled

Roller shutters can be used on all exterior doors and windows that open onto your garden or driveway.

Ground-based security lights can be installed on either side of your front doors. They will turn on when someone approaches.

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