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First, you need to know that there are two types of vapes.

Nicotine Vapes: hand-held devices powered by lithium-ion battery technology that mimics the feeling of smoking but without the combustion. You can choose from nicotine options ranging from 0% to 5%. There are many flavours to choose from, including desserts and tobacco.

Cannabis/CBD vapes: battery-powered portable devices or larger desktop computers powered by batteries or electric power supplies that heat the material. These devices can be used to vaporize CBD, THC, or other botanicals.

Vaping can also include other substances. Some people will even vape coffee. Although many of these products and activities may be considered fringe, the Wholesale Vaping Products are the same as those used for nicotine or cannabis.

There is an overlap between nicotine and cannabis vapes. The classic vape pen functions in both. This may be why it is the most widely used vape.

Nicotine Vapes

All nicotine vapes are called trade e-liquids cigarettes, but this term is often used for small devices that look and feel like a cigarette. However, nicotine vapes are not limited to this.


These are the most straightforward and most compact vapes that you will find. E-Cigarettes are ready to use immediately when you open the package. You can dispose of the device once you are done. These devices are great for travelling or those who don’t have the time to mess with small gadgets. They are great for those who smoke and want to get into vaping quickly.

•           Convenient and small

•           Ideal for stealth vaping

•           Discreet

•           Affordable

•           It is simple to use

•           Single-use usage increases waste

•           Average flavour output

•           There is no refill

Pod Vapes

Pod vapes can be one of the most useful vaping devices. A pod vape, similar to an electronic cigarette, usually has two pieces. One part houses the battery, while the other holds the pod. The pod can be replaced and refilled as often as possible. Pod vapes can be very affordable, easy to use, and perform higher than traditional e-cigarettes. Pod Vapes can also be used with nicotine salt, making them an efficient choice for nicotine delivery.

•           It is straightforward to use

•           Practical form factor

•           Refillable and replaceable pods

•           Draw-activated or button

•           Perfect for stealth vaping

•           Many factors can affect the quality and performance of different devices.

•           Low vapour

•           Regular recharging of batteries

Box Mods

Box mod kits can be used to create larger, more powerful vapes. Different sizes can often mean better performance and more extended battery lives, most commonly in external vape batteries. Many box mods have temperature and wattage control settings. You can choose from mouth-to-lung clearomizers or direct lung sub-ohm tanks.

A starter box mod kit with variable temperature control and wattage would be the most popular. It would include a single-battery, high-wattage mod with temperature control capability, paired with a midrange tank.

•           There are many options available

•           Performance improvements

•           Battery that lasts for a long time, internal or external

•           Use with other tanks

•           Complex

•           Too complex for novices

•           Expensive

•           Not exactly pocket-friendly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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