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The process of finding a distributor or vendor to support your c-store can seem overwhelming. It can also be difficult if you have never had to deal with distributors of national brands.

You should be able to recognize the qualities of the distributor before you start to negotiate. This will ensure that the relationship is mutually profitable, stress-free, and profitable.


Communication is the key ingredient to any successful relationship in your life. It is important to keep in touch with your distributor when you are looking for a distributor to partner with. It is important to keep in touch with your distributor so that any issues can be avoided that could lead to additional stress or headaches.

This could indicate the way they work. Don’t listen to silent distributors. Choose those that are willing to pick up the telephone.


Some agencies might be able to lure brands with their impressive client list. However, having a large client base can cause concern. A great distributor will choose a few brands they can focus on and have a deep understanding of. They have relationships with relevant buyers and are well-versed in the details of each category. Although a large company may specialize in several areas, they should still be able to identify the category that they are best at.

 Reliable History

Make sure to research the history of each distributor and compare it with other local retailers when you meet them. Are they new or have they been in the business for a while? This will allow you to determine the reliability and trustworthiness of the distributor.


You might think of this when you search for distributors. Although price is important in selecting the right distributor for your c-store, it’s not enough. You might find that the distributor is cutting down on their pricing. This could mean they are also reducing costs elsewhere, such as transportation, reliability, and salaries. You should consider the optimal price point for your store, as well as other qualities.


Are you planning to make major changes to your product offerings for 2018, or are you just preparing to? Consider the brand portfolio of the distributor and the products they offer. You can also save your time by working with a distributor who supplies many c-store items.


The best distributors care deeply about the products they represent. Selling passion is evident in the way they talk about the product and their enthusiasm for it. Although some may think that only a passion for money will be enough, our experience shows that salespeople who believe and work hard for their product are more likely to achieve sustained success.


A great distributor will help their customers get excited about the products that they represent. A great dealer listens to customers’ needs and finds the best way to position the products to address those needs.


What use is a distributor if they don’t inform you when your product isn’t good enough or the packaging isn’t attractive enough? You will hear from buyers if something is not right, and this can seriously harm your chances of success. So that buyers don’t associate your brand as low-quality or lacking standards, a good distributor will not hesitate to share the truth about your products.


Distributors who are open-minded and can evaluate all options for a product can be highly valued. Even the most experienced people in the food industry need to be open to new opportunities.


A successful distributor can’t be successful if they don’t hear the word ‘no. But they won’t take no as an answer. They are not easily distracted and they will keep going.

Good Value

Bisley Australia Distributors that are good at their job know how to be successful in the marketplace. They provide value to brands, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into a lower price. A typical arrangement is a commission-based model with a retainer that covers the costs of the work they do for your brand. They are fair and honest.


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