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No matter where you reside, keeping the air conditioner in a good condition is crucial. The finest way of keeping the AC unit always in running condition is by checking its performance level. Regular maintenance helps in keeping the air conditioner in a good condition. Regular maintenance also saves money on major damages that happen over course of time due to negligence.

Australia is known to have a hot and humid climate. People keep the air conditioner on throughout the day during peak summers. This means the AC unit is used rigorously in Australia. Thus, its regular maintenance is equally important if you want your AC unit to work more than 10 to 15 years

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Due to global warming, every year we experience more heat and humidity. No wonder that AC has become a necessity for every house.  In earlier days, air conditioners used to increase our utility bills, but with an energy-saving feature, we can now use them for a longer time with the reduced electricity bill. However, if this machine is not maintained properly its parts and motor can get damaged, which can increase our energy bill and reduce its performance.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

As a homeowner, we must get air conditioners serviced before using it. We have a list of preventive maintenance checklists for air conditioners that will prepare your machine for next summer –

  • Clean your air filters and indoor coils with kitchen antiseptic spray or liquid detergent and warm water. We just need to remove dust built upon it so that air can flow conveniently.
  • Next, we need to clean the outdoor unit including the coil because dust settling on the outdoor unit and coil can reduce the airflow. Wiping the air outlet which is in the front of the system will also keep a check on airflow.
  • Check if the indoor and outdoor units have proper airflow. If the airflow is poor, try cleaning blocked coils or get the fan motor repaired by a professional.
  • Check thoroughly for rust or corrosion on the outdoor unit. If you find minor rust, you can coat it with waterproof paint, otherwise, contact a professional to repair major rust damage.
  • Try switching your heating and cooling mode in the system to see if the switch is being done smoothly. If the unit is struggling, then you may need to contact a professional.

The majority of air conditioning faults are caused due to a lack of maintenance and servicing. Excessive usage, wear and tear, and irregular maintenance can lead to severe damages and high repairing costs. If you look after it properly, you will enjoy the benefits it offers. By cleaning them every 3 months, you can keep them working correctly.

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