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Usually, most investors follow the basic rule while dealing with real estate that is to buy at a lower price and then sell it at a higher price.

However, in real practice, normally it may not happen so. In real estate, often it is very difficult to know exactly what the right time to buy until after many years of purchase you may check whether the prices have gone high or low is.

Most savvy investors often try to look at certain indicators and based on that, they increase their success on the investment. However, today we are in an unusual market situation. Although the prices are high, however it may be a good time to buy.

There are many condos for sale in Kapalua and Evan Harlow R(S) is finding many customers to buy their condos. Let’s try to reason out why this is the right time to buy real estate property in Hawaii.

  1. Today’s reason for the economic downturn is different

The reason for the current recession cannot be attributed to financial reasons like before. The last crisis was fueled because of mass approval of the subprime mortgages and lax lending standards.

However, the current recession has been caused due to public health crisis. Remember, side by side, the Federal Government has committed to keeping the interest rates low.

  1. Interest rates are low

Although today home prices have increased, however, due to the lower cost of borrowing still there a few good deals available out there.

As an example, a home that was sold earlier at the price of say $700,000 at the rate of 4% interest would now cost $1,203,087 after a life of a 30-year loan.

The same home in present day’s market available at $900,000 with the rate of interest at 2% would cost almost the same i.e. $1,197,567 after completing the fill life of the loans.

  1. More foreclosures are expected

After the mortgage default moratorium come to its end, we will see more foreclosures that will come about. Due to the present situation, it is helping homeowners to retain their property after leaving their programs.

Now due to present-day world events, it looks like one can set up a good deal on any property here.

  1. Rental price is higher than usual

Due to rising rental prices, a few homeowners have sought to cover the increased expenses, and few just followed the present market. Whatever the reason, higher rental prices and also with high demand have created a good opportunity for ROI for investors.

  1. Mortgage interest rates are low

Today the mortgage interest is at rock bottom and that is one of the reasons why the sale of condos has increased a lot. During the post-COVID-19 period, buyers are in a little advantageous situation. Most Americans are therefore moving towards the city and preferring to buy condos.

Every investment involves a certain amount of risk, however, there are a few promising indications that indicate that it is a very good time to buy real estate in Hawaii.

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