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Solar car park Australia, are a regular feature in the country. This is the reason why many people are looking to get these important features in their homes and commercial buildings. Due to this high demand, solar car park contractors are looking at a possible partnership with solar companies. This will help solar companies get an effective contracting partner that will help them handle the project from start to finish.


The need for a partnership

Most of the time, a user who need a solar car park Australia might prefer to meet a solar company. Most solar companies only specialize in the design and installation of solar panels and its components. They do not have the needed structural expertise to handle solar car park projects. This is where the right contractors come in.

They specialized in designing solar car shades by calculating the total weight of the solar panels that are intended as the roof. They then use this information to design the right footing, columns, and supporting roof trusses for the solar car shade. Many contractors partner with solar companies to become their design and solar park construction partner.


Turnkey services

Many solar car park contractors in Australia, have the ability to help their solar clients deliver turnkey solutions involving solar car park projects. The contractors have the knowledge and resources to design solar car park solutions and also help them construct the finished structure. They are known to deliver the best structurally-sound solar car shades in the marketplace.

The contractors handle everything from the design layouts and the entire engineering of the system. They help calculate structural requirements, execute the steel fabrication process, supply the car park in parts, and finally assemble all parts on site. A typical solar car park comes with multiple solar panels, purlins, frames, and footings. They can all be sourced from original and authentic suppliers and used to create a top-notch solar car park.


Installation and project management services

Solar car park contractors are also known for their ability to manage and install structures for solar companies already working on site. Regardless of the type of project, solar car park contractors can offer their professional assistance in the form of project management services. With their experience, they have the capability to provide a unique installation experience for any solar company.

While a solar company can focus on sourcing, producing, and installing their panels, the contractors can specialize in the design and installation of the structural members. This structural members involves the steel roof supports, footings and columns which form the frame of the solar car park. They can be easily fabricated on site by experienced and reliable contractors.


Solar car park contractors in Australia

Australia is home to many solar car park contractors looking to partner with solar companies. These contractors are experts in designing and developing supports and platforms for solar panels. One of such platforms is a solar car park with an extended roof system to support solar panels.

Since there is a growing demand for solarelectricity in Australia, a lot of users are looking to get their solar solutions as a supplement to the on-grid electricity system. A solar car park contractor can easily help users to construct their solar car parks according to any design, specification, and layout.

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