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Will is the last thing that is left by your loved one before dying. It is a legal document that decides what happens with your assets, money, and legal credentials after you die. Many people think writing a will is tough or wastage of time. Unfortunately, not making a will can create unnecessary chaos after you die.

Not everyone knows how to write a will. Many things are taken into consideration during will writing. Generally, people think that writing a will is the job of a solicitor. However, even a professional will writer can provide the same services. Attorneys are known to add to many legal terms and rules in a document, but will writers will personalize it by adding simple words that are easy to understand and touches the heart of whosoever reads it.

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When you die without a will, you leave behind many incomplete decisions, which are then taken to court. Every state has different laws, which means it may be possible that your state laws may not be in your spouse’s favor or your children’s favor.

Reasons to Make a Will

  • If you are a parent of a kid, you should mention guardian for your children in the will. Instead of relatives deciding for their future or sending them to foster homes, consult the person whom you want to make their guardian and take their approval before mentioning their name in the will.
  • Leaving your assets behind without a will can be a hassle for family members. They will have to organize and settle everything legally, which takes a lot of time, energy, and money.
  • Mentioning an executor before you die is important because an executor will be in charge of wrapping up all your affairs. If you don’t appoint an executor, the court will do so, and it may not be the person you want.
  • Pet is also considered as property and it is essential to make some decisions for the pet before you leave the world. You need to name a beneficiary, guardian, or caretaker for your pet as well.
  • In this digital world, all of us have bank login information, mobile phones, social media accounts. Leaving them behind is risky, but mentioning a digital executor can help manage these assets.
  • If you stay in a joint family with many members, then it is wise to make a will as soon as possible. It is easy to have family conflicts and disputes when the family is huge.
  • Many people do charity when they’re alive; they also want to do something good for the world by supporting charity after death. Leaving some part of the estate to a charitable organization will help the family to handle it smoothly.
  • You can mention funeral wishes in your will. However, ensure that your family members are aware of it because a will is read after the funeral is over.

Making a will gives peace of mind. It is an easy way for loved ones to handle things without chaos and conflict.

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