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Loose tea leaves don’t usually come in packaged bags.  Loose leaf tea made with whole tea leaves can unfurl and expand when it interacts with hot water.   It allows keeping the aroma, flavor, and benefits.  Using loose leaf tea can help to reduce the waste compared to bagged tea.

Many factors, from steeping time to water temperature and others determine the greatness of brewed tea. Steeping fewer tea leaves can yield weaker tea, whereas steeping excess tea leaves yields too strong tea. Both procedures can spoil the delicious taste of tea. Steeping the tea is easy as you can use an infuser, strainer, French press, and steeping ball.

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Differences between loose tea leaves and packaged tea bags

Although many people might feel both tea bags and loose leaves are the same, they differ in many ways. Let us know about a few of them:

Fanning and dust

The tea bags available on the market contain fanning and dust grades. This is because the good quality tea leaves will be used to make loose leaf tea and the leftovers, usually broken leaves or lower quality leaves will be used to make tea bags.

Taste and Flavor

If you want flavorful, health benefits, and quality tea, then whole leaf tea is the best option. It comes in an airtight tin, for easier and keep fresh storage even after it is open.  This tea is not only tastier but also environmentally and budget friendly.

Highly skilled tea makers take time to carefully process the loose leaves to obtain the best possible taste and flavor.  It takes a complex and precise process in each step to achieve the final tea product.  Whole tea leaves unfurl and expand when steeped.  The same leaves could be steeped four to six times and still maintain the aroma and taste.  Good quality loose leaves are sweet and aromatic, never bitter.

How much whole tea leaves to brew?

There are a few guidelines for making a perfect tea. A serving of whole tea leaves in a mug, is measured approximately 2gm/8 ounce of hot water. For instance, you don’t have a machine to weigh the tea leaves or your teacup holds 12 ounces, you can brew the tea based on your preferences to make a perfect tea.  Usually tea could only be brewed once.  In the case of Oolong tea, If you steep it in a traditional kung fu tea pot, a tea pot of 150 cc in size usually take 6 grams of tea, and you could steep in 4 – 6 times.

Benefits of loose tea leaves

Loose tea leaves will have some antioxidant levels, nutrients, anti-bacterial properties, and vitamins. It can help with various health conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Brain health
  • Weight loss
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system
  • Blood pressure

Variables you have to consider when purchasing whole leaf tea

  • Leaf size – Leaves that are rolled loosely will be more in volume than partially broken or smaller leaves
  • Blended teas – These teas will have large herb pieces
  • Fine cut – These leaves brew fast and yield a strong flavor
  • Herb size – You can determine the right measurement based on the herb size
  • Flavored teas – Flavored teas impart flavors quickly, so add them less or more based on your preferences

Many online stores offer organically grown and cultivated whole leaf teas, choose the best one and order them today to get relaxed and maintain a healthy body.

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