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Traditional Survey will give information about the customer experience but does not give any in-depth insights. Businesses must opt for an open-ended survey pattern to read between the lines. The customer experience can be easily identified using video presentations.

More importantly, video making is a familiar technology for your clients. Tapping it to enter into the world of customer thought and feedback will be massive for your business growth.

Why You Must Opt for Video Responses?

Firstly, the text-based survey is closed-ended and does not give more information about the experience. Secondly, a traditional survey can help you with the analytics of the market to an extent but not the customer need and their satisfaction level. Lastly, the text survey pattern is just a protocol the companies are following and are not seeking any attention from the customers.

Video Surveys give massive results in terms of customer response as well as experience. Ideally, you must be waiting for the market response of the product or the service. Qwary, the nation’s best market research organization utilizes video presentations to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies. The company has seen magnificent response from the customers and the per capita income of the companies has improved a lot. The best part is, it happens in quick time.

Videos Are Easy To Make

Businesses must take action along the lines of technology that is easy for the customers. You will incline to take videos as you usually do in a day to day life. Speaking in front of your mobile phone camera is not a difficult task too.

Videos Are Unique

Customers have experienced the text-based feedback pattern. Most of the surveys are not even opened by them. Requesting the customer to make a video to voice out their opinion becomes a unique experience to the customers. They will feel privileged and honored to do so.

Videos Offer Qualitative Feedback

The question-answer type survey form always gives you a closed-ended answer. Moreover, even if there is a column to make the customer type or write, they seldom do.

On the contrary, videos not only are easy to make but also give subjective feedback about the product or the service. It is good to know the experience and not come up with numbers as a result.

Visual Experience Gives More Information

Working with video presentations is fun for your employees too. It is not an age-old data collection task. Rather, this is a task with more subjects in hand. It is a blend of emotions with experience.

Your Competitors are On it

The feedback form or the text-based survey is getting older day by day. Moreover, it is not giving any good information that the departments must work on. Also, the competition for your product is growing every day. The companies have started investing in comprehensively making market research. The method that they have chosen is Visual Conversation.


Change in the market situation is inevitable. And it happens at a rapid pace. The customer response for the products and future products are of immense importance to any customers. At the same time, the involvement of customers in giving such surveys plays a pivotal role too. If that has to happen, businesses must incline to video-based surveys.

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