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When you release a new album, you will want to optimize your sales by selling it to customers. Get your music on Spotify to earn a fan base. Create a strategy to reach out to your fans and become famous. The revenue from online music is increasing every year and is forecasted to grow in millions by 2025. Creating new music takes time, and if you put effort into selling, it will help you earn more.

Visit MusicDigi to sell your music online. You can quickly get into various channels like Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and across 150+ platforms globally. Further, you can keep 100% of ownership to yourself. There are no hidden costs, and just at $3.99, you can upload unlimited songs. After the music gets sold, the amount reaches your account directly.

Where to sell music online?

There are two places to sell music online. One is through your website, and the second is online retailers.

  • Selling through website

For all the fans who love your music, they can get the songs directly from the website. Create a music page and post videos there. It helps in long-term success to give emails to fans by asking them to like the videos.

  • Online retailers

The music download sites are pretty on the rise. Sell your music on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, etc. Music Digi is a digital distributor streaming sites worldwide. Many fans listen to music only on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

How to sell music online?

Use as many tools as you can to sell the music online. People love it when they hear a new and soothing voice singing. Some tools help to generate more sales.

  • Social Media

Social media spreads your music wide and encourages people to buy your album. Get your music on TikTok as it is one of the leading social media sites. Besides, you can sell your music on a single track or an album.

  • Mailing lists

Emails have always been important, and they will forever remain. Secondly, many people check emails daily. When they see a new song, they get intrigued by listening to it. Announce your songs on emails, and you will get a huge fan base.

  • Providing digital bundles

You can decide to sell your album on a CD while building the digital version in the stores. Put your music on iTunes quickly by creating an album of all your older songs.

After releasing your songs, give them to people at a discounted rate. You can even remove the new albums by providing discounts on the older albums.


Follow a plan seriously to know what steps are involved in each process. Further, selling online music takes time and patience. You have to engage fans from the start of the album. Try to focus on some personal things like a website or use the mailing list to increase revenues. Use all kinds of services to reach to maximum audience.

If you are doing the process right, you will get famous within no time. Strengthen the relationship with fans to drive more sales.

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