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Is masturbation a crime? If it was then the majority of the people on this planet would be dead. It is popular, but the word is still a taboo among adults. Masturbation is the first sexual activity a human being experiences. Stimulating one’s own genitals to a point of climax is awesome.

Men’s masturbation is talked about a lot, but female masturbation is unheard of. It is a belief that masturbation can cause infertility because genitals get shrunk. It makes the person so addict that they will not be able to enjoy the real thing. All this is a myth! Masturbation is not bad or unhealthy for anyone. It is mentally and physically beneficial. It is a safe way of enjoying sexual pleasure.

Female masturbation techniques

Masturbation can be performed in multiple ways. Clitoris is her sensitive zone and the epicenter of sexual pleasure. Clits get stimulated by teasing, rubbing, touching, or applying different amounts of pressure. Palms can be used to push and pat her clits in rhythm. Place a pillow between the legs and start contracting to pulse the pelvis.

Use sex toys like a vibrating dildo. There are for G-spot stimulation, double penetration, cervical stimulation, prostate stimulation, etc. Inserting dildos inside the vagina means you don’t need a penis. Make sure that the sex toy you buy has non-porous material and sterilize it after and before every use.

Masturbation under the shower is also a great way of getting aroused sexually. In the shower, you can press your clit and explore your whole body erotically. If there is a bathtub then you can slide under the running tap. Water flowing over your clits can make you feel pleasurable and simultaneously use your hands to increase the sensation.

Is female masturbation healthy?

Masturbation means having solo sex. It is healthy in multiple ways.

  • It makes her happy – The pleasure after reaching a climax makes you feel naturally good. It is because as you orgasm, endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine gets released, which are mood-enhancing hormones.
  • It makes her stress-free – Masturbation has a relaxing factor because the blood flow across the body escalates and blood pressure is reduced. In stressful situations, masturbation is a great stress-buster.
  • It enhances sex life – You know your own sexual trigger points as you masturbate. It makes you familiar with what makes you respond precisely. This can cause better sexual experiences. It can help you to attain orgasm with your partner because you can guide them on what makes you more passionate and hot.
  • It comforts the post-menopause sex issues – During menopause, the vagina gets narrow and this can hinder your intercourse. The area gets painful. Masturbation using water-based lubricant will help to prevent the narrowing as it helps to enhance the blood flow. It even helps to relieve the moisture issue and enhance sexual pleasure.

Masturbation has not reported any type of negative effects like pregnancy or STDs or diseases. It actually makes her smile and feels happy. Why must she not enjoy the sexual pleasure?

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