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The conjoint analysis is an effective market research method that is widely used by professional researchers and academics for a long time. It is broadly used in the areas of retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, service, and automobile industries.

Conjoint analysis helps in the determination of the intrinsic value of any service or product. This method analyses the way people value several aspects of the product that includes benefits, features, cost, etc. Let there be no doubt with conjoint analysis. This article will help you understand the benefits of conjoint analysis in the business.

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Reasons To Use Conjoint Analysis For Market Research

Conjoint analysis software is a very helpful tool for market research. This software enables the design, distribution, and creation of reports that can be easily shared across departments or teams. Using this software, a business can create different types of reports by modifying the filters based on demographics, device, question, system variable, etc.

Conjoint analysis is beneficial in cases where respondents require to arrange a set of attributes in preferential order. Software that conducts this analysis helps find the uses of different values of every attribute. This is an efficient method as the survey doesn’t need to be conducted for all permutation and combination of attributes.

Advantages Of Conjoint Analysis

A conjoint analysis can benefit a business in the following ways.

  • Computes mental trade-offs that respondents make at the time of examining various attributes together
  • Compute preferences of people at the individual level
  • Provides undisclosed drivers to the surface
  • Helps develop requirement-based segmentation based on the interaction between attributes

Application Of Conjoint Analysis

Here are some of the important advantages of Conjoint analysis.


A conjoint analysis survey helps market researchers know at what price consumers are willing to buy a specific package of product features.

Product optimization

With the knowledge of consumer preferences, the analysis provides valuable insights to businesses about the features that are the least and most favorite.

Buyer’s preferences

The survey helps people understand the relative value assigned to several attributes of a service or product by a respondent. It helps understand the preferences of the audience, form buying decisions, and explain what combination of attributes has more value.

Market segmentation

This analysis helps market researchers to project the market size for every combination of attributes. Having learned the consumer choices, the analysis helps the business form an improved strategy to launch and advertise a product.


An individual perceives a product value based on social, demographics, and economic factors. is Conjoint analysis identifies the relationship between these factors and how do they influence each other? It is a great market research tool that helps businesses design, share, and form reports that a business can share with other departme

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