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Sometimes it is necessary to establish the biological relationship between the father and the child. In some cases, this information becomes necessary to attend certain medical emergencies while in others it is important to settle legal and custodial disputes. Certain circumstances are less complicated and you need a paternity test certificate to document birth record of the child.

Traditionally DNA paternity test was only a laboratory based test and there very laboratories that offered this testing. However, with modern innovations, we can get reliable results regarding the genetic match between the father and his child through a simple home test kit only.

The turnaround time for PaternityUSA paternity test results is usually anywhere from 2 to about 5 days. You can easily order a DNA test at home and Paternity USA will send a collection kit to your doorsteps which you can send back through a mailer that they provide once you have collected your samples.

Benefits of getting tested at home for DNA samples

  • It is an inexpensive and easy way to get peace of mind.
  • You do not need to visit the laboratory and get the test kit at the comfort of your home.
  • You don’t always need a blood sample and just a cheek sample works is perfectly fine. Collection of cheek sample is obviously pain free and is perfect for those who fear needles.
  • You can get results in private as a hard copy or an email depending upon what you choose.
  • You can get different test kits shipped to different cities and addresses if you and your biological father live far apart.

You must be careful though as the test results to be reliable, you must ensure that you are getting at home DNA test kits only through licensed and accredited labs only.

Can these genetic test results be legally used?

Generally, legal tests that could be used as a proof in the court of law during custodial cases or any other circumstance where you need to establish biological relationship for example- when you are fighting a case for gaining inheritance benefits.

However, home DNA test is usually insufficient to serve as a legal disclaimer in such cases unless a doctor or a laboratory professional was assigned to collect the samples from your home.

So, although home paternity test kits do give you privacy and peace of mind, and can be used for health records during medical emergencies, the test result documentation does not provide the needed legal validity.

Test kits bought from pharmacies are ill-legal and can be used only for fun or for clearing out the fuss at your home. For legal claims, you can choose to book the test from an accredited lab who can then assign a professional sample collection point nearest to your location even if the people getting tested live far away from each other.

As soon as the tests are completed, the minimum possible time for which is 48 hours, your results are emailed in the next 24 hours and you receive a hard copy result in 6-7 days at your delivery address.

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