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While going for jewellery shopping, it could turn out to be a very tedious task with the vast varieties available in the market. There are numerous designs, choices and ranges available that it could be difficult to choose the best one. On top of it, there are numerous myths that people believe about jewellery.

Here we shall clarify some of these common myths so that your jewellery shopping becomes much easier and you can disregard these myths. Some of the common misconceptions related to jewellery and their purity are:

Diamonds cannot be broken

This is the most common myth that people believe in about diamond ring. Diamond being the hardest substance available, they think that it cannot be broken. It simply means that they cannot be easily cracked but yes, they can break when put under high pressure.

Biting gold to check its purity

It has been believed since ages that by biting the piece of gold you can find out if it is pure or not. People believe that gold is soft and if bitten by teeths, the mark will be displayed on it if it is pure. But this is not how it works. Even lead and silver are soft and one can easily be befooled by giving it a gold coating. Even these metals would pass this test.

Variety of colours

People believe that gold is available in numerous colours and textures. This is also not true. Pure gold is available only in one single colour and that is yellow. The rest of the shades which are seen in the market are because of the addition of other metals to pure gold. Different colours of gold can be obtained by mixing other metals into it.

Dissolving pearls is easy

It is a common myth that pearls can be easily dissolved by placing them in vinegar. This is however not true. The process of dissolving pearls is a very slow task and might take days. It is easy to dissolve pearls if they are crushed and then put into vinegar but in general, in their solid-state, it is not possible to dissolve them this easy.

The bigger, the costlier

It is believed that the bigger the size of the stone, the more expensive the stone would be. But the cost of a stone depends upon the following:

  • Clarity
  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Colour

It is possible that a diamond with a smaller size is much costlier than one with a bigger size because of the purity of the former one. Hence, one must pick any stone based on its quality and not merely the size of the stone.


Hence it is necessary that one is aware of these general myths that people have while buying their jewellery. One tends to ignore a lot of good stuff by getting influenced by these myths and buys one with inferior quality. Therefore, by knowing about these myths one would always make the right choice.

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