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As we grow old, our visit to clinics increases. Most of us regularly visit our physician, optician, and dentist to ensure good health. It may sound tiring, but to keep a healthy body and live a healthy life, one needs regular thorough body check-up. The same goes for our pets.

Pets have a short span of life and their food habits are different from ours. There are various restrictions when you keep a pet at home. They are given a specific type of food, different vaccinations on time, special physical exercise to keep them healthy. Still, due to our busy lives, we often tend to miss out on their certain daily routines. Therefore, it is wise to take them to a veterinarian on a regular visit to ensure they too live a healthy life.

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The major drawback of pets is that they can’t speak the human language. Hence, it is their body language and changes in behavior that indicate, they might be suffering from something. Here are a few tips that may be helpful for you to realize when it is time to take your pet for a check-up –

  • If your pet refuses to eat anything for more than a day, then it can be a certain kind of infection, gastric, parasite, or tumor. You may also see them vomiting, fatigue, or less drinking.
  • Pets drink certain amount of water in a day depending on their body, breed, and weight. If your pet is drinking lesser than adequate amount, then it can lead to dehydration and drinking more can lead to kidney problem or diabetes.
  • When pets are stressed or anxious, they either become violent, aggressive, or hide in one corner of the house. They will also refuse to eat or socialize with their owner.
  • When pets suffer from any pain, infections, or injury, they will get angry and may also become violent when you touch them. You may not understand their real cause, thus it is wise to take them to a specialist.
  • Old pets use the toilet frequently, but still, you can’t ignore these symptoms in young or old pets because it can be due to kidney disease, diabetes, urine infection, or any other disease.
  • We lick our lips frequently when we’re dehydrated and our lips are dry. When pets like cats and dogs lick their part of the body, then it is either due to itching, allergy, or fleas.
  • Red eyes, prolapsed third eyelid, or white, yellow or green secretion from eyes is a clear indication of bacterial infection, corneal disease, or injury.
  • If your cat sleeps more than their usual hours then it may be a sign of stress, anxiety, feline virus, leucosis, or Lyme disease, etc. Whereas, in dogs, it can be a sign of diabetes, thyroid gland problems, stress, or infection.
  • All pets shed fur, but when shedding fur becomes excessive, then it is a sign of concern because this can be due to any allergy, deficiency of certain vitamin, skin disease, or tumor.
  • When you see changes in your pet’s gums, it may be due to high fever, infection, dehydration, loss of RBC, a dental problem, etc. It is time to take them to the vet to avoid serious issues.

There may be different symptoms in your pet. Since you observe them for long, therefore you will instantly realize changes in their behavior. Don’t think it to be another tantrum or show by them. It can be a minor problem that can lead to serious conditions if neglected.

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