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In today’s society everybody wants a better service which not only takes short time, but also is convenient. This covers every field of our life. We are busy with many works, but there are certain problems that you need to address immediately. One such problem is financial emergencies. It is completely different from a long term financial problem.

You know that you can manage this crisis if you would have got your next pay cheque. But, life doesn’t go according to your plan. What if you had some hospital emergencies? You simply can’t delay it till your next payday but, again, you cannot apply for a bank loan. The time is crucial here. Even with a credit card there must be an upper limit. The criteria for other credit options are also stringent.

LoanPig gives you a clear overview of payday loans in the UK. Visit website for further queries regarding their service and commonly asked questions concerning payday loan. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is the regulatory body that authorises the lenders. LoanPig is a direct lender and broker registered under FCA. They need to follow a price cap set by FCA while lending.

Now, let us look at the basic points that you need to remember when applying for a payday loan –


For payday loan paperwork is negligible. Mostly, payday loans are taken by employed people. So, the proof of employment, identity and credit file is all that is needed. The documents can be emailed or uploaded online. There are hardly any cases that would require faxing the documents at present. The payday loan service has become 100% online.

Convenient and Easy Process

When you are availing services online, it becomes quite convenient for workers who cannot skip on going to work to apply for a loan. You can just apply for it from your home, office or even while commuting. It is extremely time saving and an easy to use process.

Follow simple steps to fill out the application form and wait for the decision. If your information is verified positively, you would probably get an approval within a short period of time and the money would be transferred soon to your bank account.

Bad Credit Score

Bad credit score is a concern for most of the people who want to get a loan. With other credit options the chance of rejection is high. But, payday loan lenders do not consider a bad credit score or poor credit history a basis of rejection. They give you a high risk loan. That is why they have high interest. The interest rate gets low if you can provide collateral against the loan. It then becomes a secured loan.

What to Do for A Safe Deal?

To crack a safe deal, make sure that the lender you are dealing with is registered and trustworthy. Be confident that you would be able to repay in time. Before applying, know how much you can afford to pay back. Do not apply if unsure. It would add to bad credit score and default in payment would give rise to penalty and legal complications.

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