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When compared with all the piercing types that are available today, septum piercing is considered as the wound that will heal as quickly as possible and within 6 to 8 weeks. However, the healing process might become lengthier, if there is even a minor mistake in the process.

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Healing Process in a Septum Piercing

The human nose structure is made of plenty of cartilage tissues. Septum piercing is done in the location where the cartilage tissue is quite hard. If the piercing goes even a millimeter higher or lower than the right location, then there are higher chances of you going through heavy pain. The procedure will also become quite a painful one if there is even a mild issue with the piercing process.

Aftercare Tips for Septum Piercing

The aftercare procedure of a septum piercing varies based on the type of procedure that is followed on your septum. Some of the aftercare procedures are listed below.

  • Keep the area clean and disinfected all the time, by keeping it dry. You should even keep the ring or hoop clean so that there are no chances of the infection later.
  • Never remove or even try to touch or play with the septum ring. If you are not careful with the ring, then you might end up rupturing tissues in the wound.
  • Healthy body has a way of diverting the positive energy from all body parts towards the damaged area. Hence, keep yourself healthy and fit.

Cleaning Process of a Septum Piercing

Take a small cup and fill it with a little bit of the cleaning solution or with the saline solution. Take a piece of cotton and prepare a swab with it. Now dip the cotton into the liquid taken in the cup and start dabbing it gently on the area where the needle has entered and towards the area where the needle has come out in the septum.

The dabbing will leave behind the traces of the saline solution inside the pierced area so that there will be no accumulation crusts in it. Saline solution can kill the bacteria present in the wound and will also avoid the bacterial infection in the future.

You will find some sprays that are prepared exclusively for taking care of the pierced wounds. You can find such sprays in the piercing stores or can find them in the local pharmacies. The sprays can show their magic on all skin types and will enhance the process of healing ten folds. As a result, the wound will be healed earlier than the expected time duration.

Once you have cleaned the pierced wound with the saline solution, the next step is to clean the wound with clear water. This will reduce the chances of the accumulation of dry salt in the wounds.

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