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Too many times when you are shopping for a big purchase, myths and misconceptions are spread around by others just trying to help. You hear people talking and you think “Oh, is this true?” This happens with car shopping, particularly with SUVs. Don’t let someone who isn’t truly informed persuade you from looking into this option. If you hear a myth or opinion that isn’t based in fact, you’ll want to know to ignore it. These include:


#1 SUVs are dangerous

Remember a time when no one had a SUV? They’re more recent than we realize. When SUVs first reached the mainstream just a few decades ago, there were a lot of concerns with rollover and stability. The truth is that SUVs are safer than ever! All products get better over time, and SUVs are no exception. In the past few model years, technology has advanced and made SUVs safer than ever. In fact, driving a SUV is considered to be significantly safer than a sedan now. If you’re looking to keep your family safe, a SUV is the way to do it.


#2 A family of five needs a vehicle for five people

With a SUV, your passengers will enjoy expansive legroom and space to spread out in the second row. A family of five can’t truly fit in a car made for five people. Your three kids are squished and fighting in the back. There’s no space at all! Not to mention- where will all your stuff actually go? You need room for more people and more cargo! You can even look into the SUV options with third-rows that offer seating for seven or even eight passengers.


#3 SUVs look like ugly military jeeps

When you visit a dealership that sells used cars, you’ll quickly see that SUVs are far from utilitarian. If you want an even more comfortable experience with your SUV, luxury SUVs offer a whole host of amenities for you as the driver and passengers as well. Be sure to look for a SUV made from a famed luxury brand, like a used Buick. These SUVs will offer everything you’ve come to expect from a luxury car.


#4 SUVs are just for moms driving their kids around

We’ve established that SUVs make everyday life in the city easier thanks to more space. In addition, a SUV will have more ground clearance and will perform better off-road than sedans. Baton Rouge isn’t far from some places that are nothing like city driving. Maybe you plan on going there or maybe you even live there. Most SUV models are also equipped with either part-time or full-time AWD. This means they will perform well not only off-road, but in tough road conditions that include rain and snow.


When you’re looking for a used Buick in Baton Rouge, seeing your options may make you realize you’re really looking for a used SUV. Dispelling these myths are important, because it will help you realize what a fantastic option this is!

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