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France is made of interesting people, beautiful countryside, and lovely weather. Their history is amazing and various interesting aspects of country living still exist. In ancient times, when the wealthy had many luxuries and amenities, the countryside people had limited sources. As a result, they had to make things with what they had. This means the use of woods and other natural materials is a part of French country living.

With the help of local wood, they carved beautiful furniture and masterpieces. Thus, their living was comfortable, beautiful, and above all well-made. In the present day, such types of furniture are high in demand. Many people have renovated their entire house on the French countryside concept. Many magazines have pointed out that such furniture blends with any interior.

The living room is probably the most used area in the house after the kitchen. The living room has more space than any other room which makes it fun when you try to decorate it. Many things can be gathered which all look old and rustic. However, with a mix of old and new cultures, you can create a different look for the living room. Gathering old rustic wooden like furniture along with modern lights like chandeliers or table lamps will also give an aesthetic look to the house.

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While creating a French Country Living area, always keep a few things in mind –


A mantel or a fireplace is a great place to start with. Countryside houses are incomplete without a fireplace. This gives a warm and homely feeling. After a hectic day on the farm, families gathered around the fireplace to brew tea and had cookies or brownies together. Thus, all French Country style should have a mantel in their living room.

The material used can be wood, but in modern houses, they use stone or brick for safety and firmness. These stones can be painted with wood color. However, don’t make it a focal point, but set it at the corner of the living room so that other parts of the room also grab attention.


Generally, living rooms are set up for formal purposes or casual. If it is for formal purposes, then the wood or metal frames can be covered with floral fabric to give a comfortable sofa with high legs. Or a casual living room can have couches and comfortable seating which can bear wear and tear and last for long.

Leather couches are also common in French country living rooms, but the color is dark brown which gives the replica of wooden furniture. Single chairs can be small and not oversized. A rocking chair or wooden chairs with cushions and a small wooden coffee table beside are just perfect.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables were used in the countryside to sit with guests after dinner is over and have a long chat while sipping tea or coffee. This tradition is still carried on so the concept of coffee table is still in demand.

Coffee tables are large, so there isn’t any need to keep it empty. You can decorate it with a metal or wooden showpiece or a flower vase. There are various styles of coffee table available in the market with wooden or metal legs and glass tops, etc.

Those with eclectic taste will find this type of interior useful. French country design fits with all styles. Many people who discuss with decorators often find these varieties of styles simple, yet elegant and peaceful.

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