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In the field of medicine, researchers are trying to ascertain the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis. CBD is one of the main components of cannabis plant extract forming at least 40% of the total extract. Unlike another main cannabinoid called THC, CBD is derived from hemp plant rather than marijuana. The THC is a psychoactive substance which makes you high upon intake or inhaling.

The reason for deriving CBD from hemp plant is due to the fact that it contains as little as 0.3% or less THC. THC does have medicinal benefits like CBD but has one serious problem of psychoactive effect. Therefore CBD is considered much safer. It affects our body positively and helps in treating various medical conditions and relieving stress, pain, anxiety, seizures, mood swings, and nausea and so on.

There are various anecdotal evidences that show the benefits of CBD products on our health. When you are buying products from reputed stores like JUST CBD, you need not worry about the quality and purity of CBD in the product. A pure and right content of CBD would produce the best effect you want from it. Though they distribute their products globally, all their products are made in USA. They even provide free shipping within USA for products above $20.

CBD And Immune System

The endocannabinoid system helps our body to maintain homeostatis and it also regulates the functioning of cells including those of immune system. CBD intercepts certain receptors that triggers immune response and therefore, acts as an immunosuppressant. This property helps in managing various autoimmune diseases.

CBD is both immunosuppressant and immunomodulator. Along with that it has proven anti-inflammatory properties. On the basis of the recent researches it is found that CBD is a effective antimicrobial that positively influences our immune system. CBD fights against bacteria, fungus, MRSA (most antibiotics are ineffective against this bacterium). It is also important to know that CBD can also protect you from fungal infections, like Candida as well as some viral infections.

Impact Of CBD On Virus

Viruses are microscopic germs that attack healthy cells and multiply within short time. In defense the immune system causes inflammation and raises body’s temperature. At this time few viruses use this inflammation as means to spread throughout the body. Since CBD reduces inflammation in our body, it can cut off the chances of virus to spread.

But in some cases being immunosuppressant and reducing inflammation can spare some infection causing viruses. In this way it is more helpful towards the virus than to us.

Another impact of CBD can be its function to restrain enzymes which are very essential for metabolizing most of the prescribed drugs. It also often produces effects like drug interactions. Therefore, consultation with your doctor is very necessary before administering CBD with other medications.


Though the study on CBD’s benefits is not complete, many researches show that in case of virus infection CBD does not always produce positive effect. Thus, it is recommended to stay away from CBD if you are suffering from viral infections.

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