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There are a lot of websites that cheat people by offering those counterfeit products and fake information. To prevent yourself from getting into this trap, we will provide you tips on how you can differentiate between fake slots and real ones.

The information provided here will help in making you more vigilant so that you only work with a legitimate casino and save yourself from being conned.

What Are Fake Slots?

Before we tell you how to save from fake slots, you need to first know what a fake slot is. Fake slots are generally found in unlicensed casinos. Fake slots are not provided by real slot machines. They are not controlled by any worldwide organization.

Also, they are not licensed in any form. These slots resort to the use of scripts that indicates that they are counterfeit slots. Casinos that employ this unethical tactic can’t obtain a license from a reputable organization.

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What to do to save yourself from the fake casino?

Before you become a part of any casino, find out whether you have a valid license from any trusted organization. Legitimate casinos have original software licenses that they get directly from the developer of the game. Trust your gut feeling, and perform plenty of research from your side before you sign up and deposit your money on the website.

How to identify a fake slot?

The first thing that you need to check is whether the casinos are licensed or not. In a licensed casino, you can be assured that the random number generator used by them is examined by an independent international regulator.

Both the casino as well as the software provider company is monitored by an international organization. This will prevent the manipulation of the random number generator.

The second aspect that a player should look for is the place where the game is downloaded. All licensed games are accessed from specific servers that belong to a casino provider.

Check for re-directs at the time of downloading the games. Analyze the loading screen. Check for any hitches and load time. If you do not find any loading screen, then it indicates a red flag. You should log out of that website. Check the name of the server by right-clicking on the setting of Adobe player during the download process of the game.

You will get the server address. Slots that are original and are provided straight from a provider will have the same type of server address. If you find that the slot executes on the scripts, then it shows that you are accessing the game on a counterfeit casino.

Also, evaluate the paytables and game playing rules. Be watchful of any unpleasant graphics. The only way by which you can save yourself from deceptive slots is by choosing a fully licensed and inspected casino.


The Internet is full of illegal websites that deceive users. A majority of users every year lose their hard-earned money on these websites. To save from getting betrayed, it is important to become careful and wise. By being mindful, you can easily see red signs and associate them with only authorized and ethical websites.