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Dab rigs and bongs have their own nail or bowl. So, does it matter to know the gender and size of your new bong? Well, you will desire to upgrade the cracked bowl or buy a new nail in future. At this point, it will be necessary to know the joint gender and size, so you choose a perfect fit.

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Male versus female joints

Bong joint parts like nails, bowls, adapters, ash catcher, dropdown, and more have gender – male or female. You just need to keep in mind that female pieces go over male joints and vice versa. For example, if you purchased a male joint, then buy a female joint dab nail or bowl and vice versa.

How to identify your bong joint?

Male joint – If your bong joint tapers at the end, when fitted on the bowl you have to fit accessories over it. It means the joint is male. The accessories like domes, nails, bowl pieces, or more have to be female.

Female joint – If the joint has a little wide mouth and you have to insert accessories within it then it is female. Therefore, all the extra accessories need to be male.

Joint sizes

You need to be familiar with your dab rigs or bong’s joint size. There are three different joint sizes.

  • 10mm – These are referred to as nano or micro joints. They are found on the smallest dab or pendant rigs designed for portability. They are easily identifiable as the size is extremely tiny.
  • 14mm – Common size applicable in all the small and medium-sized dab rigs and joints. You can measure the joint with a dime. Hold the dime at the end of the bowl or a pipe. The dime will not fall inside but sit on the rim. It means the joint is 14mm.
  • 18mm – On large beakers or tubes, you will see 18mm joint sizes. When a dime falls inside the pipe or bowl, it is 18mm.

Compatibility rule – The joint size has to match your bowls measurement, whereas the gender has to be the opposite. It sounds easy, but gets easily overlooked. For compatibility……knowing the size matters!

Significance of adapters

Joints sex or bong size cannot be changed, but you can purchase adapters that get connected to your regular joints, and allow users to enjoy opposite gender accessories and different joint sizes. Adapters are available in every combination of joint size and gender converter. For example, if you have a 14mm female jointed dab rig and wish to switch, then choose a female-to-male adapter and enjoy your toking. In case, you accidentally ordered a small bowl, then get a 14mm to 10mm male connector to get the tight seals for great hits.