Posted on: July 2, 2020 Posted by: Michael Comments: 0

Qatar is a peninsula Arabian country. It recently initiated a wage system for the labors who used to work in the country. The Wages Protection System is the name given to that unique service. This system will help the labors to manage their money in a protective manner. For companies also, it will help to keep the information about their workers/labor.

While executing this, not any labor rights were affected anyhow. Instead, the whole system is transparently developed for the wellness of the labors. The system ensures that not a single penny is misplaced from the worker. The companies are allowed to join with this system. But prior to this, few conditions need to be fulfilled from the company’s end.

The government has also added the few terms which states that the company which will not follow the rules will undergo legal action. The company may either be fined or can even be sent to jail. To overcome these types of problems, few criteria have been added before joining this system.

So, check out the complete information about this WPS system in a visual format. All the essential knowledge is encapsulated within this infographic. Feel free to share your valuable reviews too.